5 St Ann's Avenue, St. Ann's Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
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Waterfall Bistro and Bar

The Chancellor Boutique Hotel is renowned for its delicious and imaginative cuisine with a classic fusion of Caribbean and other world influences. You can browse the internet using our wifi service as you sit in the air-conditioned dining room, poolside, or order room service. Wherever you choose, our experienced chefs at the Waterfall Bistro and Bar will tantalize your taste buds with our visually-appealing and mouth-watering breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that will literally have you asking for more!

At the Chancellor Boutique Hotel we eat healthy, help protect the environment and support out local farmers by using only produce purchased from local pesticide-free and chemical-free farms. Our ingredients are seasonal and hand-picked seasonal, delivered fresh every day. Our meats are also locally produced and unprocessed.

We provide customized meals and will cater to your specific dietary requirements and local palate such as home-cooked meals, diets for sports teams, gluten-free products, bio- and vegetarian foods.

Our Bar offers a choice of the finest beer, wine and liquor or you may savor one of our Chancellorís Caribbean Cocktails.

At the Waterfall Bistro and Bar, the pleasing decor, relaxing atmosphere and exquisite meals all collide to create an amazing experience. We invite you to join the growing number of guests who visit our hotel or drop in just to partake in our delectable menu!